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Please ensure that you have the following before start off with this application: Assuming you have been successful in getting this setup done, let us get to some great online resources to get you started understanding some concepts behind this application:

Using this application

Run the Website Application Tool (WAT) from your VS IDE (go to: Project >> ASP.Net Configuration) & configure 1 role & 1 user in the site as:
  • Role: create a single role called "admin". This role will have full admin access to the site. All rights to this role are explained in the table below.
  • User: create a single user & assign to the Admin role you just created.
Exit WAT & run this application to manage the creation of users, their roles & other details as explained below:
Role Actions
admin See a list of all users using the application; Update the roles of each user; Unlock users accounts which have been locked; Delete a user account; Update the details for admin account
Anonymous user Can log on using the "Log on" link at the right top of the application UI; Will be re-directed to the login page when he clicks on the "Admin" link on the top menu without doing any login; Can log on via the login screen; Can register for a new account if the username does not already exist in the database
logged in user Update details of the user account


In this sample, I am using the SampleAccessProvider to connect to a MS Access database. But, you could just change the connection & the providers to point to SQL Server & everything should work exactly the same.
Why MS Access? - well, why not?

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